Is Facebook paid ads beneficial to get more traffic?

In this highly competitive market sphere, the role of marketing is increasing day by day. Lately, firms have realized the effectiveness of digital marketing and the set of advantages that it possesses over their traditional counterparts. Therefore, they have started investing heavily in tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email marketing, marketing through various social media platforms. Though you have the option to market your product on a number of social media channels, Facebook has emerged as the most effective form of social media marketing. You can opt for the paid ads in order to attract a huge number of potential customers.

Is Facebook paid ads beneficial to get more traffic?

Here, in this article, you will know the effectiveness of Facebook paid ads, and therefore, you can take an informed call whether spending your hard-earned money on such Facebook ads is worth it or not. So, let’s begin.

Why Promoting through Facebook?

A recent survey claimed that more than 80% of internet users throughout the world use Facebook. Even a significantly large population having age more than 65 also uses this platform. Therefore, Facebook provides you the exposure to a significantly bigger market, and by opting for the Facebook ads, you can exploit that and increase the market share of your firm. So, let’s find out the major advantages that you can expect by opting for Facebook Ads.

Advantages of Going with Facebook Ads

  1. Target Advertising
    In Facebook-based marketing, you can target a specific audience; as a result, you can convert more leads into your customers. You can reach potential customers according to the nature of your business. Facebook will find people with a keen interest in your business, according to their age, gender, and behavior. You will also get the option to shortlist the users on the basis of their location.
  2. Value for Money Aspect
    Facebook marketing is often considered as the cheapest form of marketing for any business. On average, you are expected to spend only 5 USD in order to reach 1,000 new people, which is way lesser than other popular advertising mediums, such as television commercials, billboards, etc. 
  3. Increase Traffic
    There are a number of ways to improve the traffic on your website, and Facebook-based marketing is one of them. But, unlike SEO techniques, Facebook ads can offer you a cost-effective and much faster solution. You can start a website click campaign using Facebook paid ads and invite more people to your website. 
  4. You Can Measure the Improvement
    One of the prominent features of Facebook advertising is measurable in nature. Without guessing, you can get a perfect idea about how the ad works for your business. You can get the exact figure of the impression, clicks that you are getting. As a result, you can compare it with other mediums, and make changes in your strategy accordingly. 
  5. Increase Your Offline Sales
    Many people believe that Facebook ads are meant to boost online business exclusively, which is not correct. Even if you have an offline based store, you can still take advantage of Facebook-based advertisements by targeting the local customers.
  6. Brand Awareness 
    By opting for the Facebook ads, you can aware more people about the nature of your business. Once people watch your ads, a portion of them will visit your homepage, and if your deal attracts them, they might be turned into your customers. In the long term, this brand awareness will help your business to evolve as an established firm in the market. Besides, you can generate good word of mouth for your business, which again helps you to grow.  

Wrapping it off

The number of people opting for Facebook paid ads is increasing day by day, and experts predict that a similar trend will continue in the near future as well. The low-cost investment is definitely one of the major reasons behind such unprecedented popularity. You can also choose Facebook ads in order to give a boost to your existing business. 

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